Learn About Children At Risk

Children have the greatest risk with all of these issues and also the greatest source of hope.

Children raised in poverty have a high level of risk for trafficking and continued poverty. Illiteracy and lack of education are rampant, leading to a future much the same as their parents. Children of extremely poor parents are also at greatest risk for being trafficked knowingly or unknowingly by their parents.

The greatest hope exists with these children however. One group of products we feature, Freeset Bags, offers opportunities for the children of trafficked women to receive an education and health care. They are doing wonders to break the terrible cycle of trafficking for these children and are giving them futures of hope and opportunity instead. The more their mothers and fathers can be encouraged, the more hope these children will have. Because DFC inspires to support these parents and organizations, any product you purchase through our store will encourage greater livelihood for the children, their families and their communities. To shop Delicate Fortress Creations to help children at risk, please click  here.