Shopping With A Purpose

We believe women shouldn’t be forced to relinquish or sell their children or themselves in order to allow for their survival. We believe in culturally appropriate opportunity, investment and advocacy. We bet you do too.

So we bring you shopping with purpose. Each item you find in our store provides dignity, livelihood and fair wages to female artisans all over the world.

we’re fighting for women and their children. fight with us.

Our Founder

“Since I was a little girl purpose has been close to my heart. I’ve always wanted to know that the things I invest in are purposeful and have meaning.

Shopping with purpose captured my heart after I began to learn about the incredible initiatives non-profits and small, fair trade businesses were venturing into in order to help women and children all over the world escape extreme poverty, modern day slavery and exploitation. Because of that recognition and the subsequent longing to help, Delicate Fortress Creations was born.

The more I learn of the personal stories of our artisans and those of their surrounding community members, the more I realize what an investment the purchase of their products is and the great change that can occur because of that investment. With every purchase, someone is encouraged in livelihood, dignity and economic stability. I love that about DFC.

DFC is for our artisans and all the other women out there like me who long to make a difference in the simplest of ways.”