I Need to Tell You About Nimmi

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A few weeks ago I was talking with Ann from the International Princess Project and she told me about Nimmi.

And now I need to tell you about Nimmi.

Nimmi was 13 years old when she became a sex slave. Part of the sex trade, she was entrapped until she was 21. That's when Bombay Teen Challenge rescued her. Shortly thereafter, Nimmi became a proud member of The International Princess Project. Her time in the sex industry however was not without consequence. When she started at IPP, she had advanced HIV.

Through IPP, Nimmi was able to learn that her soul, her very self, had dignity. She was surrounded by support, by the love of those caring for her and the love of those who KNEW what she was going through because they went through it themselves. Nimmi had a clean place to live, received medical care and started learning how to sew. Over the course of the past year we have sold a lot of punjammies. Perhaps you own a pair. Perhaps she sewed them. And if you purchase or have purchased punjammies, know that you are part of the difference that enveloped Nimmi.

Nimmi passed away the first week of January at the age of 25.

While this is incredibly sad and while those close to Nimmi are absolutely grieving, they can know that she died surrounded by love and peace, something that would NOT have happened if she was still in the grip of prostitution.

And here's a side note that isn't quite as "side" as you might think.

While DFC is not a "Christian" organization per say, meaning that we purchase from religious affiliated and non-religious affiliated programs both, I happen to believe in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. IPP does, too, and teaches the women who go there who Jesus is. The staff live in a way to reflect His goodness and love.

While at IPP, Nimmi accepted Him as her Savior and now IPP and I celebrate that Nimmi is surely in the arms of His grace and care, in peace and fully healed from all the pain and suffering she experienced on this earth.

I am so proud that we are able to carry punjammies from IPP. I love what they are doing and the difference they are making in such an incredible and life changing way. And Nimmi's story is beautiful, in part because IPP was able to be there for her.

I am also proud to say that we just ordered a new batch of punjammies this past week and they'll be here this week. So, stay tuned for new punjammies and the difference you make simply by buying them. This is shopping with purpose.

*Photo courtesy of Bombay Teen Challenge.

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